General Club Rules 




1. Pond tournament will last 5 1/2 hrs and river tournaments will last 6hrs.
2. Two anglers per boat, unless fishing with more than one JR member.
3.Non Boaters must find their own ride for a tournament. The BRBA is not responsible for finding members rides.
4. All boats must have a live well or aerated cooler. no stringers.
5.All club members may bring 2 guests per season.
6. No club rule will supersede any state,city, town, or pond rule.
7. There will be a 10 day off limits period for tournament waters.The last day you may fish will be on the schedule. If found in violation of this rule you will be suspended for 1 tournament and docked 30 AOY points.(final tally) Your standing in the club will be reviewed.
8.Partner Ponds - Each member of the club is required to fish with another member during at least one of the "partner ponds". The partner ponds will be 3 to 5 ponds selected before schedule is released. (nanticoke river tx will not count) Failure to fish with another member in a partner pond will result in a lose of 25 AOY points (final tally)
9. Members fishing with JR members can have the partner pond rule waived if the JR member fishes roughly 50% of the amount of tournaments you enter. The number of tournaments for JR club members are as followed.
12TX-----6 JR
11-10 TX----5 JR
9 -8 TX-----4 JR
7- 6 TX----3 JR
6 or less ----2 JR
10. If a member has more than one JR member the club will combine the amount of tournaments they fish. That total number will be even to or more than the required tournaments fished to qualify to have the partner pond rule waived. JR 1 fishes 4 tx and JR 2 fishes 5tx than your total number is 9.



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