Tournament Rules 


1. 3 fish limit with a12 inch minimum on Golden Rule.
2. A 4oz penalty will be imposed for EACH dead fish.
3. No culling a dead fish. If the fish dies in your possession you must weigh it. You may not release a dead 
    fish back into the water.
4. Nets are permitted and partners/non boaters may net each others fish.
5. Gas motors may be used after 30 minutes has elapsed in the tournament.(pond TX)
6. No cell phones used during the tournament to gain an unfair advantage over other members.
7. You may leave your boat in an emergency only,not to gain unfair advantage over other anglers.
8. You must keep a 25yd distance between boats, if you stop to fish a piece of cover the other boat may
    pass you. 
9. One rod in use at a time, no trolling, no livebait, no fishbites, or pre packaged baits. no Alabama rigs.
10. You may have other member weigh your fish but do this at own risk.
11. If found in violations of rules 3,6,7,or 9 you will be DQ'ed for the day.
12. Your boat shall be beached,docked, or in ramp area at the end of tournament. This is define as 25 yds from ramp and in sight of ramp. You may be in line waiting to re trailer your boat. You can not be in the act of fishing/casting. If late to the ramp you will be docked 1 pound of that days catch. Any angler more than 5minutes late will be DQ'ed for the day.
13. Weigh in- you may get a courtesy weigh of no more than two fish to determine which is bigger.
14. You may get a courtesy measure by weigh master for a close fish. The weigh master will make final call no questions asked. Once fish are in the weigh bin any angler may challenge a size of any fish. If found too small it will be thrown out and you will be docked 10pts for that day. If it is your only fish then the club will dock 10pts from your last scored tournament or your next scoring tournament if you have not had a scoring tournament.
15. In the event of a tie we use 1. limit 2. weight of biggest fish. This will be for the money and plaque only both angler get the points.
16. Any rules infraction should be brought to TD attention right after tournament. We may hold money and plaque to figure out the infractions. The TD may make the call later on in week if need be.





Tournament Directors
1. Check live wells
2. Give the club a 5 minute warning before stating time. Give club a 1 minute warning before launching.
3. Start tournament on time.
4. End tournament on time and make sure all members are back on time.(see TX rules)
5. Make the final call on foul weather before and during the tournament.
6. Assist weigh master with the weigh in. The tournament director may have to pull double duty in the event the weigh master is not at that tournament.
Weigh Masters
1. Measure fish if need be (make final call on legality)
2. Weigh and document all fish and keep record of tournament.
3. Email the weights to webmaster
4. Document partners for partner ponds and JR member weight and attendance
It will be the tournament director/weigh master responsibility to make sure scales are at the tournaments. If you know in advance you will not be at a tournament please make sure a club member can pick it up the scale
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